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Babylon Mall Analysis

The mall consists of 7 floors, including a basement and outdoor roof level, kid’s play area, food court and retail space. International retail and F&B brands new to Iraq to open first in Babylon Mall.

GF. | Main Entrance

Style, exquisite and elegant

3. | Food Court

A variety of international food and beverage brands

RT. | The Hanging Garden

The roof has been specifically designed as a separate and complimentary attraction to the mall. Being the tallest building in the area, the views of Al Rahman mosque and the numerous palm trees will be unrivaled. The roof will consist of a garden as well as restaurants and cafes that overlook the surrounding area. A shisha lounge will also act as an outdoor cinema, with themed events; from major football matches to various classic films.

-1. | Supermarket

Clean and comfortable environment

GF. 1. 2. | Retail

International Retail Brands

4. | Entertainment

Kids play area - modern activities


Babylon Mall is on Social Media.

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Getting Help

11 May 2014


11 May 2014

Contact info

If you wish to join us, and become a part of this exciting new shopping experience, feel free to contact us.

Babylon Mall, Mansour Street (opposite Al Khasaki sweets), Mansour, Baghdad


+964 7721 050 002 | +964 7822 640 407